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How our range of Mediair devices & Medisol work together.

Medisol is formulated from hypochlorous acid (HOCl), the same biocide produced by the human immune system to fight infection. Manufactured by leading British scientists, Medisol is leading the way in providing disinfection to a wide range of industries and when paired with our fogging machines provide complete peace of mind.

Unlike other disinfectants, Medisol has no hazardous ingredients, therefore requires no PPE to administer and enables disinfecting and air sanitising to occur whilst people are in the room with no risk.

Medisol also kills 99.9999% of bacteria in seconds, over 100 times more effective than other disinfectants, meaning for every million bacteria only 1 will survive after using Medisol.

Key benefits of fogging with Medisol include:

Exceptionally effective

A ready to use hypochlorous acid (HOCl) solution that kills 99.9999% of all known bacteria and 99.99% of viruses.

Fast acting

Kills in seconds by destroying harmful pathogens on contact.

Alcohol free

Contains no alcohol or harmful chemicals.

No PPE required

As there are no hazardous chemicals it is suitable to use without protective clothing or PPE.

pH neutral

Non-sensitising and non-irritating to even the most sensitive skin so suitable for all the family – even littles ones.

Vigorously tested and clinically proven

BSEN 1276, BSEN 13704, BSEN 1656, BSEN 13727, BSEN 14476, BSEN 14204, BSEN 13697, BSEN 1650.

Complete odour elimination

Completely eliminates all smells including urine and body odour without masking and without any detrimental effect on surfaces.

Effective on all surfaces

Suitable and safe for both hard and soft surfaces with no marking or staining.

Long shelf life

12-month shelf life when stored correctly in black bottles. Our product does not deteriorate quickly once opened

Air sanitising

Fully effective air sanitising when sprayed or used with our fogging machines.

Vegan friendly

Manufactured to be suitable for vegans.

Halal certified

Meeting the requirements deemed appropriate by religious authority.

Food sanitiser

Can be used on-the-go to sanitise fresh produce before eating and to sanitise shopping.

Suitable for food production and consuming areas

With no hazards, HOCl is ideal for use in kitchens, canteens, bars and restaurants with no hazards.

Using Mediair devices along with our Medisol creates a clean, safe and sanitised environment for you and your customers

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